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The Holidays are here and tamales y champurrado season is right around the corner. This also means spending lots of time with our loving extended family!

While this time can be full of deep love, honor, and reverence for nuestras familias, it can also be a super stressful time, especially for parents choosing to raise their child or children differently than what is "normal" in the family. 

Maybe it's the tia who doesn't take no for an answer when she offers extra tamales. Perhaps it's the tio who takes his pranks a little too far. These are all common situations many parents find themselves in during family gatherings.  

So, how do you set boundaries with your amados around how you raise your niñxs while still sipping your champurrado with joy?

That's what you'll learn inside A Mi Manera.
About the Pre-recorded Workshop 
The A Mi Manera Workshop is here to support you so you can build the strong foundation you need to set kind and firm boundaries with abuelos, tias, primos, and other adults in your life around your parenting style. 

And with the included workbook, you'll gain the confidence to keep up your practice of respectfully advocate for your and your niñx's bodies, minds, and spirits, so you can more peacefully parent A Tu Manera.

This is for you if: 
You struggle with what to say or do when adults in your child's life act in ways that go against your parenting values.

You find yourself upset or confused when others criticize the way you choose to parent and you’d like to learn how to advocate for your kids and support their learning in advocating for themselves.

You desire a relationship with extended familia that is more aligned and consistent with nonviolent parenting.

This pre-recorded workshop explores the ways in which families can feel confident: 
Advocating for our kids’ bodies, minds, & spirits respectfully in the face of criticism from the elders and adults in our lives. 
Navigating the cultural & societal pressures of how to raise children. 
Preserving important relationships. 
Supporting our kids in using their voice

Scholarship applications are available for those experiencing financial hardship. Scholarships for A Mi Manera are being sponsored by Outschool, which provides engaging, small-group online classes for kids 3-18.  Email our team at info@latinxparenting.org to request a scholarship.

Latinx Parenting and Outschool have partnered over our shared commitment to fostering a love of learning and Latinx culture in our comunidades. Learn more visiting:  https://info.outschool.com/latinx-parenting

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